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Yes matt, I am Interested to attended the training, I understand you will be walking myself and a handful of others through just how I can live a life of freedom with a laptop phone and the internet, I understand once I register you will make contact to confirm my seat as seats are limited.

Above is what it looks like inside a one of our Discovery Days, a relaxing day full of information to allow you to live your life on your terms

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If you’re currently working long hours in a job or a business that you are sick of… then I have great news for you…

At this brand new, FREE ‘Live life on your terms’ importing discovery day I’ll show you (step by step) how to live the lifestyle of your dreams using importing as your vehicle; starting safely and securely part time with almost no risk …
read below to find out more.

No doubt you have looked at my video or read my book, “How To Make A 6 Figure Income Importing, Working From Home With A Laptop, Phone And The Internet”.

But you’re still not sure if it’s for you, you’re a little skeptical, is it for real? Why is this guy giving out the map to the treasure? Why is this not a franchise?

It’s OK, I understand, I get where you are coming from.

Here is what I noticed at my training’s, after customers come through and have had their 3-day face to face training as part of their entire turnkey package we create as part of the Importing Business in a Box.

Many said at the start they were skeptical and would have loved to sit with me in a room with others, even just for a day, get a little more information, and if they had they would have been on board and up and running so much earlier. Or that they would have loved to meet up face to face, and while I am always open to doing that, sometimes schedules did not line up.

So, I knew there were only three ways to solve the problem:

1. I could travel the country doing free seminars – great idea, but to be frank, not my style. I am up front about what I do so I don’t want to pretend I’m doing something free, then at the last minute say ‘hey, by the way you really need a $40k package’ – I tell you about my system up front; it’s fully explained at www.yourimportingcashflow.com.au/step3

2. People could randomly meet me face to face, but problem was there was no structure; there was no way I could be sure they would get all their questions answered, plus, as I said before sometimes we simply could not make it work due to schedules

3. I could run a free discovery day in a couple of easy to access locations, including our training centre on the Gold Coast. You already know about my Importing Business In A Box System, how much it costs and what we do for you, so everything is honest and upfront, and you may just be looking to see if I am real, have any last minute questions answered face to face, or maybe just wanting a little more info.

Clearly option 3 was the best, so I created a “live life on your terms” Importing Discovery Day to take you through the process of how you can live your life freely, with just a laptop, phone and the internet.

Fact is, it has taken me many years to work out and perfect my system

  • How to live life on my terms
  • How to use importing to allow my life to be how it is
  • The process to getting the income while working wherever and whenever I liked
  • How to have the ability to run my business with just a laptop, phone and the internet

I will admit I screwed a lot of things up and made a lot of mistakes, mistakes I help you by-pass so you don’t have to fall into the same traps I did.

The ‘Live Life on Your Terms’ Discovery Day is being held at a location near you..

Gold Coast Friday, February 7th

Level 2, 7-11 Short St,
Southport QLD 4215

So, what happens on the day?

It is an easy, no-stress day with you, and your partner if you like ( just let us know they are coming in advance). Plus a few other people like you who are invited to attend (please note seating is limited).We start at 9.00 am and finish by 5.30 pm. If you live on the nearby you could easily drive in the morning and return in the afternoon. Or even better, stay a night or 2 and enjoy a weekend near the event location. If you live a little further away you can always fly in and stay a night or two.

You Really Need to Think of The Live Life on Your Terms Discovery Day as Your Next Step Towards The Life You Want to Live

Picture this … in 12 months your life could be picking up kids from school when previously you were stuck in an office, or maybe traveling where you like, maybe it’s caravanning trips around Australia with your family, or perhaps it’s regular trips overseas, or maybe you simply want to be home after working away from home for so long.

Why Am I Inviting You To A Free Importing From China Discovery Day? What’s The Catch?

Well think about it for a moment…

1. If we were meeting face to face, I would buy you a coffee
2. If we were meeting for lunch, I would buy you lunch
3. So if we are meeting for a day, I should make sure you are fed for the day

So, in essence it is just like meeting for a coffee or meeting for lunch, the only difference is I offer you more information, you get your questions answered, you come out of it more informed and at the end of the day you can make your choice – live a life of freedom or stay where you are … if you choose to live a life of freedom then myself and my team can help you to get set up, get running and be successful. If you choose to stay where you are and not do anything, it’s fine we part as friends.

There’s no catch; I am giving you an opportunity, it’s up to you if you take it, all you have to do is get yourself to one of the locations… as long as you do that part I will give you a bunch of info and answer all of your questions.

Sometimes I Get Asked…. Why Do I Do What I Do? Why Do I Have 11 Guys Working For Me Going Through The Complicated Process, Training You, Supporting You And Getting You Up And Running In Business And Living A Life On Your Own Terms ?

Truth is, I just treat myself like an architect. At the end of the day, if you say to an architect, “Hey, I want to build a house. This is roughly what I want. This is what I want things to look like,” an architect, for one fixed price, will go through and design it, engineer it, get it approved, and have it ready to build. All you have to do is build it. Myself and my team of 11 people behind me do exactly the same thing. We go through the process of designing, building, and getting ready to operate.

I currently import $1,000,000 US$ in goods at cost, myself and my team have gotten many people just like you up and going, results ranging for zero to over $1 mil; in profit in the second year. Yes, I said zero. It’s rare but does happen, not because of the system, but because the customer does not complete despite us pushing them and offering them the solutions… as long as you put in consistent effort over time you will be fine, but if you think it happens overnight, you are wrong (I will clear up any doubts for you at the Live Life On Your Terms Importing Discovery Day).

The thing is, as much as I love importing, my passion lies in marketing and I see so many opportunities that myself, everyone in my family, in fact, everyone in my suburb and their families could not every take advantage of (there are thousands of people in my suburb by the way), thus the reason why I take you through the process so you can get up and be free in your own business. I like helping people, I see franchises as overpriced, existing business are ticking time bombs so I figure, hey, if I can use my skills to help others be free, then that will allow me to be free and everybody is happy.

So, What Do We Cover On The Live Life On Your Terms Importing Discovery Day?

This is what it looks like inside one of my training sessions where I take you through step by step everything as described below. Its a casual no hassle, pressure free learning environment.

When you come to the Live Life on Your Terms Discovery Day we are going to dive deeply into all of the below…

It all starts with Registration, opens at 8.45 am, we then start at 9.00 sharp (if you register and are running later just let us know)

Session 1 – The Importing Big Picture

We going to cover off the big picture so you understand:

  • How your life can look
  • The pros and cons of a normal business and an importing business
  • How I started from nothing and no matter what your current situation, how it can change
  • What others have done with my system
  • What it looks like to be working with a laptop, phone and the internet
  • How you can plan out what you want to earn each year and how to make it a reality

The end result of this session is … you will be clear on how things can be done and what others have done before you.

Session 2 – Living The Lifestyle Of An International Importer

  • Why you want to be an importer
  • What a typical day looks like
  • What a typical month looks like
  • What a typical year looks like – you will be amazed at the freedom you have
  • We will map out how you can have a life of freedom

The end result of this session is … you will have an understanding of exactly what you want and what you need to do to achieve it.

Session 3 – 7 Steps To Living The Life Of Your Dreams

  • Why once you decide on what you want to earn and wrap a plan around it, it is doable – i show you the steps
  • How to choose a product that works for you
  • How to ensure the market exists for your product
  • How to make sure it all adds up
  • How you can get unlimited enquiries
  • How we can help you get there much faster
  • Much, much more…

The end result of this session is … you will have the 7 step process to being free in your own importing business using just a laptop, phone and the internet.

Session 4 – Why People Fail And How You Can Easily Avoid It

  • Why thinking you need unlimited funds is the wrong way to think
  • Why thinking because you have not done it before, it is too hard
  • How to choose a product when you have no idea what to choose
  • How to deal with negative people in your life
  • Why a job is riskier than a business

The end result of this session is … we will go through all of the reasons why people fail in importing, so in essence you can instantly bypass the mistakes.

Gold Coast Friday, February 7th

Level 2, 7-11 Short St,
Southport QLD 4215

What Is The End Result After You Attend The Importing Discovery Day?

By the end of the day you will be crystal clear on how your life can look, living life with a laptop, phone and the internet. You will understand the 7 steps to setting your business up, you will know all the mistakes that can cause you to fail… you will be able to make a clear informed choice on whether you would like to live a life of freedom or not.

Here is what some others say about myself and my team of 11 who help take you through the process of getting up and running in your new business by training you, offering you support for 12 months and also building out your entire automated system.

What Others Say About Matt

First business so good came back for seconds

I’ve actually known Matt for a couple of years, so I’m a returning customer. I’m not a returning customer because I failed in the first one. I’m a returning customer because I was successful in the first business and have the company set up now where I have the opportunity to branch out and do something else and that is why I contacted Matt straight away and saw the importing which suits me down to the ground.

It’s not easy starting a new business, I know how all of you feel. It’s a lot of late nights. I’ve done it but it’s definitely worth it in the end. It’s rewarding working for yourself and when you make it successfully it’s even more rewarding. All I can say is work hard and listen to what Matt says, he has given you, like he says, he has given you the keys to the race car. It comes down to you. One bit of advice I would have to say would be spend the money on marketing, it’s massive, as soon as I got over that I wasn’t worried about how much was going out, just worried about how much is coming in. That’s the big thing.


I am very happy

I’d spoken to Matt and decided to jump into it. I originally was looking at one of Matt’s other businesses, and decided in the end that the importing side was going to be the best for me, and I’m so glad that I did. Now, I’m probably four months in. I’ve got my marketing material, my website, I’m talking to customers now. The feedback I get from my customers are how professional the system is that I’ve got, the website, the information they’re getting. I have sales, I am very happy.


Questions always answered

The best thing for me is the ongoing support for 12 months. I think for a lot of people knowing that how easily a business can go under by one mistake, knowing that you have that support from Matt. I’ve sent lots of emails and questions over the last month-and-a-half, you’ve answered straight them away.


Everything to make a solid business

I have, I suppose, looked into importing for many years, and didn’t know where to start. Stumbled across Matt searching online, and surely enough, I inquired. The next day, Matt rang me, Everything’s there to make it a solid business. Thanks Matt and the team for all the support.


Honest and straight down the line

I love how the program is structured, how you’ve got the support with yourself, Matt, with the experience you’ve got. Your team have been absolutely fantastic, as well. I love how honest, straight down-the-line you are.


Got support and network

I never had a business before. Now I just feel like I’ve got the support and network around me to move forward and be successful.


Matt walks the walk

He is one out of the box. He’s not only a supreme implementer of marketing strategies, but he is also someone that has set up a system. Matt is very, very keen on systems. The thing I like about Matt is that he not only talks the talk but he walks the walk.

John Dwyer

Value for money

I’ve got to be honest, I was… sceptical might not be the right word, but look, I did have my reservations and concerns. What I wanted to see was value for money. I’m going to be completely honest.
I do now see value for money, Matt. I thank you for that. The professionals you had in here were great. Look, I’ve always been in business for myself and what I’ve really got to take away from this is the marketing. I know I’ve failed in a lot of the marketing. I’ve learned, so thank you.


Its like nothing I have seen before

I’ve tried many different types of online marketing and online businesses,and they call them turnkey. But one of the things I want to tell you now is that the Business In A Box is a system which I’ve never seen before. It’s complete, right through from marketing right through to how to run the office, how to do everything.


Our future is much better

It has just given me so much direction. I’m getting out of a business that I do 11 hours a day, and I work usually seven days. Thanks to Matt, I think our future is so much better. Matt is a guiding light.


Meeting like-minded people is great

I’d just like to thank Matt and his team for all their wonderful information and support that my husband, and I have received. And meeting other like-minded people has been great. As Matt knows, I was looking at buying a traditional business and I’m so glad I didn’t now.


You need to understand the majority of these people are paying customers, in other words they have invested $40K + GST for myself and my team to get them up and going with my Business in a Box, I generally do not train people for free … think about it, why would I? I am, however, giving you the one off opportunity to come behind the curtain and see how you can live the life of your dreams.

So, what do you do next?

Here’s How You Can Attend This Fully Catered Importing Discovery Day For Free

Step # 1 – Register above or below

Step # 2 – Fill in the brief questionnaire to see if it is right for you

Step # 3 – We will make contact to confirm your seat

Please understand due to room sizes there is limited seating, it is first in best dressed, in other words don’t delay, register above or below to apply for your seat. This also, like everything I do, is by application only; it not for just anyone.

Here’s the thing …

You can do nothing and remain where you are, wake up every day dreading what is ahead, sell your soul to a big company working FIFO, missing your family grow up as you are working long hours, or maybe for you it’s remaining stuck in a business you do not like, or maybe you are just sick of making someone else rich and just want to use all your skills for yourself, but you have no idea where to start.

Or you can do something and be someone, live your life how you want to live, help your family, be free.

Next move is yours…. take action.

Register above or below to reserve your seating, once you take the first 2 steps we will be in contact to confirm your seats.

See you there,


P.S. if you have skipped all the way down here and want to read just a few lines on what is happening on at my Importing Discovery Day, then sorry, I am not going to tell you. Don’t be so lazy, go up and read the rest of the letter! Once you have, register above or below to apply for your seat.

Register To Attend the FREE "Live your life on your terms" Importing Discovery Day

Yes matt, I am Interested to attended the training, I understand you will be walking myself and a handful of others through just how I can live a life of freedom with a laptop phone and the internet, I understand once I register you will make contact to confirm my seat as seats are limited.

Above is what it looks like inside a one of our Discovery Days, a relaxing day full of information to allow you to live your life on your terms

Your details will not be shared or rented to anybody

Melbourne Friday, February 7th

Level 2, 7-11 Short St,
Southport QLD 4215